A place for seniors that “feels like home”.


Our mission is to provide an affordable and safe place for seniors that feels like home, their needs are met, they are happy, and their families can rest easy, knowing that their loved ones are well cared for and that the relationship they have with them is all the better because they are at The Meadows.


We are HONEST: We can be trusted because we are truthful and sincere.

We CARE: we believe everyone is important and worthy of respect, so we are considerate in everything we do, and actively seek to provide for the health, protection and general welfare of all.

We are HOSPITABLE: we enjoy having people at The Meadows, so we are friendly and kind as we provide fun activities,  friendly companionship, and good nutritious food. 

The Meadows is the premier affordable choice in Senior Living in East Texas, while offering a full offering of amenities and services. 

ACTIVITIES...Our activity programs are personalized to meet the desires of our residents. Enjoy stimulating pursuits and activities or just relax- it's your choice.

AMENITIES...Everything is included at The Meadows (food, TV, etc.). See the Amenities & Services page for more information.

PEACE OF MIND...For your peace of mind and your family's as well, an emergency response pendant system is available. This connects you immediately to our 24-hour staff. Should you need additional personal assistance and care, we can arrange for assisted living services (med reminders, hygiene, etc.) or you may contract with a licensed home health care agency of your choice.

COMMUNITY...The Meadows enhances independence and dignity within a community of care and support.